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The menswear shop is officially online. During the past few days I have curated and continuously updated a selection of the best menswear finds, essentials to be more specific. Always ahead, according to the latest trends and above all wearable right now, I will keep up and provide you with more items throughout the upcoming seasons. It’s all about trends…

Velvet Zara Booties

TREND | Velvet Crush

velvet booties via ZARA The louche fabric has fought its way back into my wardrobe already. In case you are still missing out on this trend, here is my curated selection of the top velvet finds for the season ahead:

Amano Grand Central Berlin Marie Danker

PLACES | AMANO Grand Central Berlin

Finding a good hotel is always tricky; you never really know what you get until you enter your room. My decision to stay in the Hotel Amano Grand Central in Berlin was made when I saw pictures and snapshots on Instagram. The hotel’s modern and purist style with quality design had everything I was looking for, when I planned a short-term weekend visit in…

Onedapperstreet by Marcel Floruss

MENSWEAR | onedapperstreet by Marcel Floruss

SEE MORE | INSTAGRAM @marcelfloruss Just now, the idea of a slight change hit me; I want to show menswear from a womans point of view. I have been asked about where to buy what and how to style it after so many times recently, that also a quick look into my analytics only confirmed it. So here we go with a weekly…