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Just recently I have been invited to spend some days with the well-known beauty brand Avène in their namesake hometown in the South of France to discover their source of beauty. My journey took me from my hometown Hamburg to Paris and finally to Montpellier, where I met with great other bloggers and the lovely Avène team. We spent one night in the Pullman hotel before heading off to Avène the next morning. A bus ride of one and a half hours right through an insane landscape of perfectly nourished trees and grasses later, we arrived at the newly renovated Avène Hotel, where an amazingly planned day of treatments, including a makeup workshop, collective meals and great talks were awaiting us. Besides the great people I met, my absolute highlight was the Avène Eau Thermal bath and shower that has been prepared for us in the clinic. A 20 minutes bath in healing, calming and soothing thermal water resulted in the smoothest and firmest skin I have had in a while. I have already been a big fan of the Avène products before this journey, especially the heart of the brand; the thermal spring water spray, but now that I experienced the great amount of freshness and glow that it gives to your skin, I can fully recommend their all natural products. By the way: The thermal spring water spray directly comes from the source and is filled up in the bottles without ever seeing daylight. In its purest form it can be used to freshen up, hydrate, calm irritations and even to fix your make-up. This travel was definitely worth an experience and I could have stayed weeks longer, easily…

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