SALE | Basic pieces with a twist to invest in now

Summer time, sale time! We all know how the magical word „sale“ influences our next season’s wardrobe. We go crazy about pieces just because the price seems to be worth it, and we tend to buy last seasons it-pieces even though we might never wear them again. I stopped this kind of buying habit a few years ago. To me, Sale means to buy good quality basics with a twist that work for several upcoming seasons. Also this time I found a lot of pieces worth investing in that are wearable for the upcoming fall season as well as the following spring time. Also if you are planning to travel somewhere this year, it is the perfect time to start buying. A good online destination for quality basics and some really cute statement pieces that are not over the top is Alba Moda, plus they always have size small available and the best prices concerning luxury brands such as Michael Kors and Jette Joop. Browsing through the sale category I selected my favourite sale items worth buying.

Here is my selection:

Alba Moda

blouse. JETTE JOOP | bathing suit. MICHAEL KORS | sweater. JETTE  JOOP


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